Art by Dilli 
Hi, my name is Dillon, or you can call me Dilli! Im very proud and excited to bring my passion and love for art into the lives of others and I hope you enjoy this unique look into my mind!
  1. Imortal
    Price- $350.00
  2. Sucker For Pain
    Sucker For Pain
    Price- $225.00
  3. Guidance
    Price- $225.00
  4. Bitter But Brittle
    Bitter But Brittle
    Price- $225.00
My name is Dillon
My passion for art started when I was kid, my grandpa was always showing me his sketch books and he was phenomenal at drawing. When looking back at how this passion started, its clear to me that my grandpa really influenced me into doing more with art as a kid. Which took off even more when I was in school.
My passion for art does not stop at paintings either, during middle school in art class we'd try different styles of art and work with 3D. Jump to high school and I was taking a couple different types of art classes. Music was always one type of art I was never good at creatinbg but loved listening to it! So I decided to take the songs I love and interprate the feelings I have when listening to them and apply them to canvas. It gives each peice od art a very unique and deep look into my mind.
What is my goal with my art business? 
A lot of people think and tell me that being an artist is basically suicide because it is very difficult to get going, and when there are speed bumps along the way that is when most artists fade away. My goal is to prove to myself and anyone else that has doughts about being an artist and being a  successful one, that it is very possible and will happen if I keep raising my bar higher and over coming the challenges!