My Mind
Art by Dilli
My name is Dilli
       My passion for art does not stop at paintings, during middle school in art class we'd try different styles of art and work with 3D. Jump to high school and I was taking a couple different types of art classes. Music was always one type of art I was never good at creating but loved listening to it! So I decided to take the songs I love and interpret the feelings I have when listening to them and apply them to canvas. It gives each peice of art a very unique and deep look into my mind.​
        Some of the things I like to do when i'm not painting or working at my job are playing with my cat Arthur, he is the best pet I could ask for! My car is a huge part of me too and I love driving it! People that love driving know what I mean when I say that it is so nice to just get behind the wheel and let your stress lift off you and just focus on that one thing. It usually helps me think of better ideas for paintings too. 
        If there are people that would like to know more about me, please feel free to contact me on any of my social media or through my contact page! Social media links will be at the bottom of each page.